London Business and Brexit

London Business members and their European partners met at City Hall on 5 April 2017 to discuss the challenges of future trade.

At this  Summit on Brexit we recognised the challenges which will impact on our trade.

As a result of our discussions, the members of the Alliance signed a joint declaration on Brexit.

We vowed to do our best to continue our work together through our close and long standing trade relationships

Summary of the declaration

The Alliance recognises that business has overcome borders to succeed and flourish.

The members believe that a hard Brexit could pose significant risk to

  • job creation; and
  • and wealth production in the UK, the EU and wider Europe

We commit to act as a forum to discuss real concerns and a platform to offer potential solutions

We call on the UK government to actively consider a realistic transitional period for Brexit so we can deal with the key aspects which include:

  • Ensuring access to a skilled workforce;
  • Sustaining commerce;
  • Keep Europe moving; and
  • Safeguarding innovation

We attach a full copy of the joint declaration which was signed on 5 April 2017  here .

The London Chamber have since published a report which covers reactions, expectations and requirements. They will provide updates as discussions progress.