Team Work

 Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence win championships  (Michael Jordan)

You may have talented individuals however, do they appreciate their diversity. Similarly, are they working best as a team?

Above all, teams and the underlying culture of the organisation are led from the top

In other words, when the Board is aligned in vision and culture and works well with the teams then the business can move forward.

We work with businesses facing change to provide clarity to their team work at Board level and below. In our experience an effective team comprises colleagues who:

Trust and understand themselves and each other, therefore respecting diversity in thinking, background and style.

Expect to contribute fully and support those around them.

Act together in the interests of the team not the individual.

Mean what they say and say what they mean – honesty and transparency in all they do.

As a result, we apply practical tools and our experience to bring the best from your individuals and use:

Our model of team work to focus individuals on understanding their role in the team, appreciation and understanding of others, This gives them the confidence to succeed in the right role at the right time.

 Team Management Systems tools to help individuals understand themselves and their role in the team.

A ‘Different Diversity’ Programme developed by us and based on our work with many different teams. We use this to train teams to understand that successful diversity is more than gender, age, background. In addition, it includes variety in thought, background, personal style, in an open culture without fear of failure.

The Diversity Wheel to clarify your thinking and avoid negative bias.

No round holes for square pegs or boxes to think outside of. No limited comfort zones to push against.

Lateral thinking is essential to problem solving and we achieve this with a team who think differently and share ideas.

Times and people change. Sometimes people need to move roles or move on. We work with the business, the individual and practical outplacement professionals to develop a solution for all.

By applying our infectious positive thinking and optimism we can help motivate your team get to drive forward

We share values of honesty and integrity, we believe  in positive thinking and we share a common aim to get things done. 

If a great team knows where is is heading and does the right things in the right way, it can achieve success.