Architectural Award

City of London Architectural Award – Beyond the Hive

Lynette Lackey and Ingeborg Warschke, of Heleba Bank were awarded the public vote in the British Land / City of London Architectural Competition “Beyond the Hive” for their design of the Beevarian insect hotel.

Other shortlisted entries were designed by Arup Associates, Fisher Tomlin, Brookfield Europe and ORTLOS Space Engineering and Metalanguage Design.

The Beevarian Antsel & Gretel Chalet was built by Lynette and Ingeborg using local reclaimed materials.

Designed to resemble an alpine chalet, to commemorate the German Ladies in Property Conference in London, the three-storey “hotel” features a balcony filled with soil for insect-friendly plants and flooring of reclaimed brick to attract bees, as well as rotten logs for invertebrates, louvered boxes filled with bark for butterflies, a log drilled with holes for ladybirds and eaves filled with bamboo for lacewings.

Located at Cleary Garden in EC4, the two-foot high Chalet is made entirely from materials collected within the City.

Full details and the design can be viewed at: